Our Lean Six Sigma services

Our Lean Six Sigma services are targeted to customers who are considering to start with the Lean Six Sigma philosophy as well as to customers who are already using Lean Six Sigma but want to take the next step. We deliver standard open trainings, combined with off-line support, as well as customized solutions that quickly deliver the right tools and solutions that will best meet the needs of our customers. We bring results instead of advice only.

Examples of our services are:

  1. Improvement Scan for companies who want to start with Lean Six Sigma
  2. Lean Leadership trainings for Lean Six Sigma beginners as well as for seasoned practitioners:
    • Champion Belt
    • Operational management
    • Toyota Kata Management routines
    • Master Black Belt
    • DFFS for Leader and for commercial roles
  3. Lean 6 Sigma Trainings at all Belt levels:
    • Yellow Belt
    • Lean Belt
    • Green Belt
    • Green to Black Belt
    • Black Belt
    • DFSS Black Belt
    • Master Black Belt
  4. Lean Six Sigma workshops
    • Kaizen workshop
    • 5S
  5. Lean Six Sigma consulting and coaching
  6. Customized services

We offer our services in English, Finnish and Dutch. For more information about our services, please contact us.